Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery

jaw surgeryThe purpose of jaw surgery is to realign the jaws and teeth to improve your comfort when chewing, talking, or breathing, or to improve your appearance. Jaw surgery may be accompanied by braces to assist in rehabilitation.

Reasons you may require jaw surgery include:

  • TMJ disorder
  • Congenital anomaly
  • Injury
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Protruding or receding chin

Jaw surgery is classified by whether you require a upper jaw, lower jaw or chin procedure.

The medical term for chin surgery is genioplasty. Genioplasty is cosmetic surgery typically performed to correct a receded or protruding lower jaw or to augment the chin with implants. Genioplasy is often accompanied by lower jaw corrective surgery, called mandibular osteotomy. Some surgeries may require titanium screws and wires to hold the jaw in place either temporarily or permanently.

Upper jaw surgery is termed maxilla osteotomy and may be indicated if your teeth don’t align properly when biting down such as with open bite or cross bite. In these surgeries titanium screws are permanently implanted and bond with the bone of your jaw over time.

Dr. Calat uses the most current and proven technologies available to Oral Surgeons to build a 3-D model of your mouth before the operation, and to simulate the expected outcome. To learn more about some of the dental technologies we recommend visit http://hobokenoralsurgery.com/laser-oral-surgery/

Jaw surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The recovery time varies depending on the complexity of the operation. Typically patients require a liquid diet during recovery but can move to soft foods and then hard foods over a period of time. As with any surgical procedure, you may temporarily need pain management medication and antibiotics.

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